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You are interested in German and European cluster support measures? Then this is definitely the right site for you!

Kartenanwendung der Clusterplattform

Cluster Excellence in Germany

The map of Germany enables users to quickly find the most efficient clusters and cluster management organisations in Germany. These are members of the “go-cluster” programme as well as winners of the "Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb”.

Grafik go cluster

Cluster Search

Looking for clusters in Germany? Our Cluster Search offers a precise insight into the diverse cluster landscape, categorised by federal state, technology field or your own keywords.


The „go-cluster” programme provides a stimulus to improve cluster management and help turn German clusters into highly effective international clusters. The initiative provides support for innovative services and raises the international visibility of innovation clusters. Members of the „go-cluster” programme can obtain funding for novel solutions.


The winners of the “Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb - Mehr Innovation. Mehr Wachstum” (Leading-Edge Clusters Competition – More Innovation. More Growth) run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research succeeded in bringing together the most important partners within the innovation and value-added chain in their respective fields of technology and regions. The funding provided supported them in implementing their cluster and innovation strategy – helping them to establish themselves in international leading groups in the long term.

Unternehmen Region

The "Unternehmen Region - Die BMBF-Innovationsinitiative für die Neuen Länder" (Entrepreneurial Regions - The BMBF Innovation Initiative for the New German Federal States) is a measure that focuses on establishing and developing particular technology, science and business skills in former East German regions. The initiative aims to lay the foundations for the development of regional business clusters.

Federal Level

Germany’s 16 federal states have launched numerous measures to support the development of efficient clusters. These measures take into account the individual strengths of the regions – across technology, business or innovation – and are also designed around present structures and other features specific to the region.

Search here the wide array of German Clusters. There are numerous cluster networks funded by the federal government and the federal states as well as clusters from all industries and technology fields financed by the private sector.