National Level

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as well as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research support the development of efficient clusters on a national scale.


The „go-cluster” programme provides a stimulus to improve cluster management and help turn German clusters into highly effective international clusters. The initiative provides support for innovative services and raises the international visibility of innovation clusters. Members of the „go-cluster” programme can obtain funding for novel solutions.


With the "Zukunftscluster-Initiative", the BMBF is supporting research-strong regions throughout Germany under the motto "Clusters4Future" with new and courageous approaches in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. Their aim is to create the next generation of regional innovation networks.


The winners of the “Spitzencluster-Wettbewerb - Mehr Innovation. Mehr Wachstum” (Leading-Edge Clusters Competition – More Innovation. More Growth) run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research succeeded in bringing together the most important partners within the innovation and value-added chain in their respective fields of technology and regions. The funding provided supported them in implementing their cluster and innovation strategy – helping them to establish themselves in international leading groups in the long term.