Cluster support in Germany is both varied and successful!

Today, German cluster initiatives are already paving the way for the development of cross-sectoral innovations. The structure of German clusters was the focus of the “Innovation dialogue between Federal Government, business and science” (Innovationsdialogs zwischen Bundesregierung, Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft), which took place in April 2011. One thing is for certain: German clusters are successfully linked to international networks. They are a vital means of bolstering the competitiveness and innovative capacity of German business!

In order to further increase the competitiveness of German clusters, several complementary cluster policy measures have been launched and implemented over the past few years. The Clusterplattform Deutschland offers a compact and descriptive overview of the funding activities at federal, national and EU level.

The Clusterplattform Deutschland is aimed at various players in Germany and abroad who are interested in cluster-related topics, particularly representatives of the Federal Government, the federal states and the regions who are responsible for cluster policy, as well as cluster managers, cluster participants and different stakeholders from business, science, politics, business development, and regional development.

The Clusterplattform Deutschland provides information on cluster policy measures, as well as on upcoming events, and essentially serves to facilitate access to the individual initiatives. It also encourages a mutual and intensive exchange of information and experience relating to the measures, their development, and impact. You can also read German success stories, which are regularly published on the site.