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The network BalticNet-PlasmaTec stands for a technology and market oriented cooperation of science, research and economy in the field of the plasma technology. As an international network BalticNet-PlasmaTec is a contact partner for interested parties who want to use technical and economic expert’s assessments for own uses of the plasma technology in the Baltic Sea Region. Besides, the network supports existing and initiates new cooperations between universities, industry, SMEs, public facilities and other important institutions from the field of plasma technology in Northern Europe. BNPT supports its partners in international cooperations and commercialization of scientific and technological innovations.

Our Aims

As a transboundary network BalticNet-PlasmaTec has set itself the goal to raise general awareness on plasma technology. For this purpose BNPT takes over coordinating tasks in the realization of transnational activities. It provides a platform for the collaboration of academia, public facilities, private enterprises and individuals.

Additionally BNPT organizes the knowledge transfer from research to industry and supports the international cooperation between those partners. The continuous further education is a defined goal of the network. Beyond that BalticNet-PlasmaTec supports the development of new business segments, start-up companies and the intensive common marketing of the plasma technology. Through the development and advancement of products, services and processes, as well as through opening up new markets and implementing new manufacturing technologies an increase in contestability should be achieved. In the long turn BalticNet-PlasmaTec aims to be the contact for plasma technological issues of small and medium-sized companies all over Europe.

What is plasma technology?

Plasma is also called the 4th state of the matter. A simple explanation can be given using the example of water: In the form of ice it is a solid state, supplies heat, so energy; the ice becomes liquid, with more energy supply, finally, gaseous. If even more energy is supplied to a gas, plasma originates. That is a state in which the gas atoms or gas molecules separate from their external electrons.

Plasma technology is a key technology with a cross-sectional character and has a decisive influence on the introduction of innovative products and processes. Thus plasma technology is used for the manufacture of technical products and consumer goods or within biotechnology and medical engineering.

Often the possibilities for the extensive industrial use of plasma technology are not or only insufficiently known. This is partly due to the fact that the technology is often integrated in production processes and is therefore not visible as a physical end product. On the other hand the different forms of plasma according to their specific characteristics are used in various ways in the different fields. For example plasma can be used to activate, coat, functionalize or cauterize surfaces. Moreover plasmas can be used in cleaning processes or as a solution of lighting problems.

What we offer to our partners

Project work

  • initiation and coordination of development projects and cooperation (preparation and support of projects)
  • search and procurement of partners from R&D and industry (initiation of projects)
  • acquisition of funding and organization of (EU) projects (project search and realization)

Further education and promotion of young researcher

  • vocational training
  • intermediation of diplomats and PhD students
  • distribution of internship
  • summer school for students
  • seminars and trainings for entrepreneurs


  • technology marketing for new processes and products
  • presentation of the results of R&D projects, services and products
  • preparation of market and feasibility studies, e.g. concerning the results of R&D projects
  • event management (organization of workshops, conferences, delegation trips and trade fairs both in Germany and worldwide)
  • presence in the EU


Alexander Schwock
Brandteichstraße 20
17489 Greifswald
T +49 3834 550-102

More information

More information

Information on the Innovation Cluster:

Members / Cluster Actors

  • Total: 73

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: 33
  • Large-Scale Enterprises: 12
  • Universities and Colleges: 25
  • Non-University Research Institutions: 3
  • Other Organisations: 3

Member List

Fields of Research

  • Plasma Based Coatings
  • Plasma and Bio
  • Plasma and Packaging
  • Plasma and Environment
  • Plasma and Food

Internationalization: worldwide

Employees in Cluster Management: 2

Year Established: 2006

Excellence measures and awards

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