The “go-cluster” programme

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy launched “go-cluster” – a cluster excellence programme combining the most efficient national cluster management organisations.

Germany needs efficient, regional clusters. Companies and research institutions cooperating in the long-term benefit from each other’s strengths and competencies. Together they transform innovative ideas into marketable solutions and services. Cluster management organisations support these innovation processes and offer additional services in such areas as internationalisation or training.

Clusters included into the “go-cluster” programme are vanguards of innovation and demonstrate how highly competent Germany is in different industries and technological sectors.

Key points and features of the “go-cluster” programme:

“go-cluster” offers needs-oriented services to all target groups: cluster managers, cluster players or representatives from government, science and business.
The objective is to:

  • support the transformation of the most efficient national innovation clusters into international clusters of excellence
  • promote new cluster services to stimulate cluster managers to offer new services
  • increase international visibility of participating innovation clusters
  • analyse trends of international cluster policy to work out recommendations for the German perspective

Admission to the “go-cluster” programme

Each German innovation cluster can apply for admission to this programme.

A set of quality criteria has to be met to be admitted. “go-cluster” prepares innovation clusters for the silver and gold labels of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. For further information on excellency labels and the corresponding quality criteria, please contact “ESCA – The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis”.

Advantages of the “go-cluster” programme

A “go-cluster” membership offers many advantages to innovation clusters, their players and cluster-supporting partners. These advantages include:

  • a quality and efficiency certificate for cluster management organisations applying uniform assessment criteria that comply with European quality standards
  • the entitlement to apply for funds
  • the right to use the registered word mark/logo “go-cluster: Exzellent vernetzt!” as quality label
  • participation and higher visibility in government economic initiatives
  • increased national and international visibility to decision-makers representing government, business and administration
  • public presentations of cluster activities and selected success stories on innovation projects (events, newsletters, websites and clusters’ success stories “ClusterERFOLGE”)
  • networking activities with the most efficient innovation clusters from Germany and Europe
  • participation in seminars on topical matters of clusters and management