Free State of Bavaria


As part of its ‘Cluster Offensive Bavaria’ cluster policy, Bavaria’s government is promoting the operation of state-wide platforms in high-tech industries and traditional sectors of the Bavarian economy. The central task of the cluster platforms is to create long-term connections between companies – and between companies and research institutions. To this end, clusters forge a dense industry network of global corporations, highly specialized SMEs, excellent universities and renowned research institutions.

This close integration of business and science within an industry or a technological field allows innovative ideas to fall on fertile ground, to germinate in an ideal environment and to mature in a favourable climate. There are currently 17 cluster platforms in Bavaria, with a focus on technology- and industry-oriented innovation clusters. Their thematic diversity illustrates the broad positioning of the Bavarian economy and thus also the Cluster Offensive.

The clusters work very successfully and definitely provide added value for their members as well as for Bavaria as a location. As of December 2017, they have

  • brought together 606,000 participants at over 11,000 events,
  • brought millions of euros of funding to Bavaria and
  • launched more than 1,600 projects with over 10,700 participants.

(last update: June 2019)