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Intralogistics Baden-Wuerttemberg represents quality and internal material flow.

The network offers a unique concentration of intralogistics retailer and researcher and represents the whole range of their value and innovation change.


I.N. members are offered:

  • both innovative storage and transmission systems and handling technology – from components to turnkey systems,
  • latest identification and communication systems,
  • automation technology (sensors, actuators, latest control technology and informatics) with an integrated procedural approach,
  • ergonomic technology, in particular commissioning and packaging technology,
  • planning, consulting and simulation of internal logistics and supply chain,
  • research and development results from university to economy,
  • education and training at a high, practice-oriented level.


Collaborative research, development projects, practical workshops and joint trade fair appearances create added value for all participants. I.N. brings together partner of business and science and informs about Best-Practices. Exchange of experiences and search for innovation have to start at the intralogistics user.


By use of new methods, processes and technologies intralogistics users of the fields of production, trade and transportation are supported in optimizing their processes


  • Warehouse-Benchmarking – Assessment of the efficiency of technologies used, processes and strategies of the different functions of distribution centres.
  • FlexADis – Improvement of the flexibility and productivity of commissioning systems by the combination of automated and manual handling.
  • Industry 4.0 – Definition of the aspiration level for Intralogistics 4.0 and solutions in the four fields of technology, human being, run of process and business model. The business game “Industry 4.0 out of the suitcase” conveys the basic principles of industrie 4.0, supports the decision-making, and facilitates the transfer of concepts into the own production or logistics.

The network offers a suitable platform for retailer, planner and researcher active in the field of intralogistics in order to develop their technology and market leadership.


  • KARIS- New, extremely flexible material flow system of carriers that are always on the spot when the location of an object (e.g. small load carriers or pallets) has to be changed.
  • Green Warehouse – Innovative and adequate energy control of logistics centres.


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