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In the next few years, the automotive industry will be facing enormous challenges. Increasingly stringent statutory frameworks will speed up the trend to efficient and more and more electrified power trains. Simultaneously, the vehicle and traffic connectivity and ultimately automated driving will open up new potential. For the automobile land Baden-Württemberg, in which one out of ten jobs depends on the automotive industry, this means that small and medium-sized businesses have to adapt now in order to maintain their leading positions as supplier of outstanding technologies in the world market in the future.


The automotive industry and ancillary industry of suppliers has been deeply rooted in the region for 125 years. The Cluster Electric Mobility Southwest pools more than 140 stakeholders from industry and science. Sustainable electric mobility calls for new approaches and integrates solution elements of the technology fields such as vehicle, energy, information and communications technologies (ICT) and production. The system electric mobility as a concept simultaneously stands for the automobile and mobility of the future. Connecting these industries through the cluster is the key to overcome numerous obstacles on the way to implement e-mobility. In the cluster, we succeed in joining up large, medium-sized and small companies across industries with research institutes to form a unique, sustainably grown and extremely stable cooperation network as well as speeding up research and development.

Thus the cluster makes a decisive contribution towards technological transformation which is characterised by low-pollution, efficient and market accepted mobility. Today’s challenges are addressed by the cluster strategy with development targets such as “Market and Costs” (generating competitive life-cycle costs), “Handling and Comfort” (satisfying customer expectations of e-cars) as well as “Connected Mobility” (increase of availability of modes of transport).


The cluster members are united in their vision of an energy efficient, environmentally compatible and individual mobility in the age of scarce resources. Together they have formulated the target vision that the products demanded from the market should be produced with few emissions, sourced economically and simultaneously offer modern comfort and security. The basis for new, sustainable and economic business models will be founded with innovative technologies and methods which will secure regional added value and employment in the cluster region and throughout Baden-Württemberg. Our symbiotic collaboration will put us in the position of a worldwide leading supplier for mobility solutions and will establish Germany as the lead supplier and lead market for electric mobility with international attractiveness and appeal.


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Information on the Innovation Cluster:

Members / Cluster Actors

  • Total: 142
  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: 60 (of which 5 are start-ups)
  • Large-Scale Enterprises: 60
  • Universities and Research Institutions: 9
  • Non-University Research Institutions: 6
  • Other Organisations: 7

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Fields of Research

  • vehicle
  • energy
  • ICT
  • production

Internationalization: Europe

Employees in Cluster Management: 8

Year Established: 2010

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