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Key Innovation for Industrial Value-Added Chains

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern (CCB) is a market-oriented project development network by entrepreneurs and research institutions in the Bavarian chemical industry and their international partners. The cluster is supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology as well as the Bavarian Chemistry Associations. As a strong network of 130 companies and research institutes, the cluster implements and supports joint research and development projects in addition to promoting product and process innovations. The cluster management thus acts as a catalyst facilitating the diffusion of innovative products into new markets.

The Chemie-Cluster Bayern stands for a global network of more than 40 cluster institutions closely interlocked on the operative level in the areas of chemistry, materials, process technology and clean-tech. Along with its partners in Europe, Asia, North- and South America, the cluster management elaborates on and works with new markets for chemical applications along with today’s megatrends.

Solving Today’s Problems: The Value-Added Chemistry Partnership of CCB

Members of the CCB offer a multiplicity of ways and means to answer current industrial issues by drawing on profound knowledge of chemical material and processes. Specifically with regard to mobility, consumer goods, and heavy industry, pressing needs for innovative technologies can already be secured by system-integrating industry leader’s availability of chemical supply solutions.

The “Value-Added Chemistry Partnership – Solving Today’s Problems” constitutes a platform for chemical companies and universities acting as innovative partners for user industries. Collective discussion of prevailing issues allows members of the cluster to perform service functions particularly for industrial users that have thus far only marginally been included in the chemical value-added chain. Such dialogue aims at higher added value by means of increasing chemical product appreciation, thereby creating new market potential, both for chemical suppliers and industrial users, and fostering innovation.

Within the cluster initiative of the Bavarian state government, CCB promotes product and process innovations for new international markets. The cluster management sets up R&D consortia, coordinates the acquisition of external funding, provides project management and technology transfer services. Strategic alliances with international chemical sites, particularly in Europe, Asia and the USA, help to improve global competitiveness of the cluster members.


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Schwanthalerstr. 100
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More information

More information

Information on the Innovation Cluster:

Members / Cluster Actors

  • Total: 127

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: 95
  • Large-Scale Enterprises: 11
  • Universities and Colleges: 10
  • Non-University Research Institutions: 4
  • Technology and Innovation Parks: 2
  • Other Organisations: 5

Key Actors

  • Universität Bayreuth
  • Clariant AG
  • Wacker Chemie AG
  • SKZ Das Kunststoff-Zentrum
  • Bayerische Repräsentanz in Mexiko
  • Bayerische Repräsentanz in Chile
  • TUM Asia
  • BioCampus Straubing
  • Bayern International
  • Die Bayerischen Chemieverbände
  • Nürnberger Interessengruppe Lack NIL

Fields of Research / Production

  • Nanotechnology
  • Polymer Science
  • Manufacturing and process engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Advanced Materials

Employees in Cluster Management: 7

Year Established: 2007

Excellence measures and awards

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